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  Your Path to Paperless

Designed specifically for clinical study sites and research institutions; RegDoc eSafe is a validated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant eReg system that provides a simple paperless solution to address several regulatory challenges you may be facing. Process, organize, and store all regulatory binder documents more efficiently and securely. Run audits more smoothly and reduce the redundancy. Save time, money and space by using tools like RegDoc eSafe at your study site!


eSafe provides a user-friendly interface with intuitive step-by-step functions. It’s so simple that no training is required for Investigators and site staff.


Designed for efficient, rapid start-up and deployment. MedPoint provides comprehensive support so sites can validate and configure eSafe to their needs.


To support the goal of paperless documents across the clinical trial landscape, RegDoc eSafe is now available to study sites for all trials and all site users at no charge.

Easy to view high-level overview of your study site’s activities 

  • Check on total number of binder documents
  • Ensure documents are being uploaded in a timely manner
  • Check on number of outstanding signature
  • Ensure accountability and reliability

Control who sees what and when in your eReg Binder!

  • Granular control of roles and access across all users
  • Assign binders to specific users
  • Restrict confidential documents/folders
  • Unlimited roles and expansive configuration options

Compliant Part 11 eSignatures

  • Fully compliant eSignatures that are accepted by sponsors
  • Easy-to-use approval and signature workflows
  • Special PI-only view for completing signatures
  • Notifications to users when signatures are requested and completed

Access documents from anywhere, at anytime

  • Cloud-based platform allows for remote monitoring
  • Give your CRA access for a limited period of time

Save money while becoming more efficient!

  • FREE!!!
  • Unlimited user and studies
  • No hidden fees
  • Only pay minimal yearly storage fee for archiving after study close-out

Want to save money? Contact MedPoint for a Cost Calculator to determine your sites costs... AND savings.

6,000+ Clinical Study Sites use MedPoint Digital Services

MedPoint has an unrivaled track record of experience and innovation in the global research community. We are currently running 50+ investigator portals with over 6,000 clinical study sites participating worldwide. Our 29 years of experience extends to 6 continents.

We have history in clinical research. Let MedPoint assist you.

Fast and Efficient

Convenient workflows for regulatory coordinators and site staff

Document version control and superior study closeout features

Rapid document retrieval

Improved ability to view status and manage signature completion of all documents

Secure and Auditable

Controlled, role-based access to all documents and folders

Full audit trails of all document activities

Secure, cloud-based backup of regulatory documents

Cost Effective

Eliminate the cost and space of paper archive storage

Reduce time spent scanning, faxing, printing and filing

Reduce document cycle time and signature “hunting”

Accelerate Study Startup

Versatile, Intuitive and Simple

Intuitive design allows for quick ramp up with little training

Organize the regulatory binders to match you site’s work flow with unlimited customization folder templates

Use your site’s standard terminology to preserve SOPs

No complicated workflows forcing you down a new process path

How MedPoint Digital Helps

1. Rapid Implementation

RegDoc eSafe is designed for fast, flexible configuration, intuitive use with minimal training, and a thorough but streamlined validation process.

  • Streamlined implementation process to get your clinical study sites up and running quickly
  • Regulatory binder templates pre-loaded into your site for easy access
  • User upload and access control configuration
  • Admin and user training sessions

2. Software Validation

MedPoint is regularly audited by study sponsors and has long experience developing and supporting validated systems.

  • MedPoint is committed to compliance and walks you through the necessary steps to validate our software
  • We provide sample validation test scripts and validations plans for execution at your site
  • We assist in developing new internal policies or SOPs to ensure compliance
  • Our team provides product update release notes to keep policies up to date

3. Superior Customer Support

Our systems are easy and intuitive to use, and we are there to answer your questions.

  • Email and phone support
  • Online admin and user guides
  • Online help center with resources always available

4. ROI

Make technology work for you to save time and decrease costs!
Say goodbye to shelves loaded with 3-ring regulatory binders and rooms full of archive boxes, and say hello to cloud-based storage and digital back-up files.

  • MedPoint will work with clinical study sites to help them upgrade to an electronic regulatory binder and reduce overall regulatory binder costs
  • Find what can and can’t be reimbursed for by the sponsor.