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MedPoint Digital takes a different approach to technology for clinical trials, with a focus on simplicity for investigators and study sites. Our digital platforms are uniquely designed so it’s easy and intuitive for sites to perform study tasks, improving quality while lowering site burden. Our approach increases site compliance and lowers rates of errors and queries, with quantifiable improvements in study timelines and overall costs.

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SDV eSafe™: Coming Soon

SDV eSafe™

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Under development on TriPort, the SDV eSafe will enable CRAs and investigator sites to conduct SDV activities efficiently and securely, on a validated 24/7 platform. The SDV eSafe is a cornerstone of the InSite Virtual Monitoring stack, and an important advance in the ability to manage the SDV process using virtual technology.

Patient Center

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TriPort will soon deploy an array of on-platform features to empower patients enrolled in clinical trials, fostering better patient engagement with study sites and sponsors. The Patient Center will allow sites to use TriPort as a platform to connect with patients through the MyPort™ Patient App.

Community Center

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This new center will comprise innovative communication and information tools, some using social media formats, to build a sense of community and shared mission in each clinical trial. The Community Center will enable investigator sites, sponsors, and all parties involved in clinical trials to share information, stay updated, and improve trials through better collaboration.


Elevation™ Virtual Meetings

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MedPoint Digital pioneered virtual investigator meetings (virtual IMs) in 1993, and has since produced over 1,500 virtual IMs. Elevation VM is the most full-service, reliable and simplified way for sponsors and study sites to register and attend virtual meetings. What sets apart the Elevation VM service is an approach that places minimal demands on presenters, yet incorporates multimedia and interactive elements for a superior, truly engaging experience for investigators and other participants. At the same time, Elevation VM delivers large, quantifiable benefits in terms of cost savings, productivity improvements, and reductions in CO2 emissions. Importantly, Elevation VM serves only the biopharma industry, and is uniquely built and operated to comply with ICH/GCP and related regulations, so that all data generated from our virtual events are audit-ready.

Improve site readiness and engagement over the lifespan of your clinical trial with Elevation VM!

  • Investigator Meetings – Effectively reach more PIs and site staff in a seamless format.
  • CRA and Affiliate Events – Prepare for trial launch with better training, coordination and enthusiasm.
  • Study Advisory Boards – Convene thought leaders for vital input on research plans.
  • Mid-Study Updates – Conveniently provide training on protocol amendments and other study updates.
  • Site-Engagement Sessions – Regularly check-in with study sites, answer questions, and motivate performance.
  • Study Results Meetings – Improve site relationships with timely information on completed studies.

MyPort™ Patient App

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Apps are the next wave of technology for clinical trials, and MyPort is a versatile app that allows sites and sponsors to better engage patients enrolled in trials. Site staff can use the new Patient Center on TriPort to connect with patients who use the MyPort app. A wide range of functions are available on MyPort to meet the needs of a new generation of patients who expect mobile resources that keep them informed, connected and in control of their role in clinical trials. MyPort is highly configurable and designed so that sponsors can start with the basics and expand functions as they gain experience with patient-facing technology.


SitePort™ Site App

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Investigator site staff are increasingly using mobile devices, especially tablets, as they see patients and conduct trial tasks in clinical settings. SitePort is designed so that site staff can quickly access key study information, forms and documents via a mobile app. The SitePort app is designed to mirror the Study Tools center on TriPort, so that updated content is always synchronized on the app. SitePort is a simple idea that can make a powerful contribution to improving performance and making work easier for busy site staff.

InSite VM

InSite VM™ Virtual Monitoring

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The InSite VM technology stack provides a powerful new option for investigator site monitoring. InSite VM allows sponsors and CRAs to perform core monitoring activities remotely over a versatile, 24/7 virtual platform. CRAs and sites can also collaborate on diverse tasks and engage in live, interactive site visits using the InSite V2™ Virtual Visit platform. The InSite VM stack is highly compatible with remote monitoring and risk-based monitoring systems that many sponsors have implemented.

Components of the InSite VM technology stack include: