RegDoc eSafe is now free to study sites. No kidding. No catches.

Unlimited Studies. Unlimited Users. For the Duration of Studies. No “Pay to Upgrade”.

Starting in September 2019, RegDoc eSafe is available at no charge to study sites. For over two years, study sites have been choosing RegDoc eSafe over other eReg platforms and paying for access. But no longer. Our eReg platform is now free to sites on an unlimited basis.

How can we do this? Over 90% of our company’s business is providing eClinical platforms to sponsors, such as TriPort Trial Portal and InSite Virtual Monitoring. We’ve inter-connected these platforms so documents can move digitally between sponsors and sites, creating various efficiencies and improving quality. In other words, the more sites that use RegDoc eSafe, the more value our platforms have for sponsors. This is why sponsors fund our inter-connected platforms, including RegDoc eSafe.

In the meantime, our eReg platform is free to sites for all studies, regardless of the sponsor. And while sponsors pay for our platforms, they in no way control RegDoc eSafe. It’s a platform built so sites configure it to their needs and have full control of documents, users and access.

If you choose RegDoc eSafe, we’ll provide full support, including training, platform configuration and on-going help desk support. Our goal is success for sites, and we’re confident you’ll find our system the easiest to set-up, easiest to use eReg platform available. Or as we like to say, “Simple, Fast, (and now) Free!

Please note that, unlike other “free” eReg platforms, we are not providing a free “basic” version and charging for upgrades to the “premium” version. Our offer gives sites the best-in-class version of RegDoc eSafe along with future upgrades. Also note that on other “free” eReg platforms, sponsors or CROs can create and impose certain work-flow requirements. Not eSafe! On our platform, sites are in control of all processes and settings.